New Nintendo 3DS Edition Updated!

Now available in Europe AND contains The End!

UPDATE: European players! You can now find Minecraft for New 3DS in the eShop! PLUS PLUS PLUS we've added The End, Ender Dragon, End City, Shulker, Polar Bear and Elytra to the 3DS version wherever you are in the world - download the update today!

We released a version of Minecraft for Nintendo’s dinky dual-screened wonder-machine last year and we’ve continued working on additions to it ever since. Today we’re releasing an update that introduces loads more Minecrafty goodness!

Now players of the New Nintendo 3DS Edition can scour the seas for the mysterious ocean monuments and do battle with the deadly cycloptic fish-monsters found within! They can light up the skies with magical stat-boosting beacons! They can create their own nightmare by constructing the terrifying wither!

All this and more. So if you’re playing on the New Nintendo 3DS, go and update the game now!

In the meantime have a look at some shots showing off the dual-screen functionality!

Written by
Marsh Davies

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