Marketplace: a quick guide!

What is it and what cool content can you find?

The Discovery update for Pocket and Windows 10 is out today, bringing all kinds of new things to explore, from the contents of shulker boxes to the secrets of the Illagers’ woodland lair. But even the most loot-packed mansion pales in comparison to the riches created by YOU, the awesome Minecraft community. Now, for the first time on Pocket and Windows 10, players can browse, buy, download and play cool community creations from within the game itself.

You can do all this thanks to the new Marketplace! You can read more about it on our dedicated marketplace page, get a quick rundown of our launch content below, or simply explore it yourself! We also made the nice video above to tell you all about it using mouthy noise-words and moving images! Technology!

So what’s new?

We’ve tried to get a real spread of content for you to peruse at launch - minigames, adventure maps, custom survival spawns, skins texture packs and more. We’ll be bringing you deeper insights into these goodies and the cool creators behind them in the coming weeks - but, for now, here’s a summary of what you’ll find up on the store today!


These maps, some made by big name build teams like Noxcrew and Blockworks, aren't just stunning examples of block-chucking prowess - they often completely remake how Minecraft works, bringing in their own storylines, custom objectives, all-new textures, minigames, re-designed mobs and more. Raid carefully crafted dungeons, rampage through cityscapes on the back of giant robots or do battle against other players in the cold vacuum of space!

DestructoBot 5000 - Noxcrew’s impressive adventure map sees you mount a massive mech-suit and defend the world from an invasion of these robots that have filled in the city. Stompy action!

Adventurer’s Dream - Prolific creators Noxcrew also offer this sprawling landscape of epic, and often comic, heroism. Custom gameplay elements, a resource pack and skin pack add to the fun.

Automaton Dreams - A map by Blockworks set in a holographic landscape projected by a giant robot. Natch. Survive the cyber plains, battle the Automaton Dreamer’s army and collect artefacts!

ANNIE: The Rise of Londinium - An adventure map by Blockception, this takes players on a journey through time as test-subjects in a simulation tasked with building the great city of London.

Relics of the Privateers - Hunt for tropical treasures in this massive map by Imagiverse. Featuring hidden temples, hostile jungles, piratical peril, new mobs, custom textures and much more!

Space Battle Simulator - Complex competitive play from minigame master QwertyuiopThePie! Here players team up to board and destroy each other’s spaceships while defending their own.

Survival Spawns

Smaller in scale than the Worlds listed above, these maps have handcrafted spawns that promise to give you a solid foundation for your own Minecraft Survival Mode adventure. Sometimes the setting presents specific resource challenges, or simply inspires you to run with theme and create your own fun. Expand a remote desert township, rebuild a crumbling ruin, or find your own path - the choice is yours!

Dustville - This survival spawn by Noxcrew sets the player roaming in the wide open skies of the sunbaked mesa, the backdrop to a small township reminiscent of the Old West. Yeehaw!

Fallen Keep - Another survival spawn by Noxcrew, this one takes as its setting a crumbling fortress, teetering on an outcrop of rock. Time to restore this mighty keep to its former glory!

Texture Packs

Totally transform the look of every block and mob in the game with these graphical overhauls. Minecraft has a pretty distinctive look, but a simple texture switch can completely change the feel of the game. HD textures check in the familiar pixels for a sharper style, or simply switch out the setting for a new theme.

Stone Age Texture Pack - Turn back the clock to a time before clocks themselves! Polymaps’ first offering is a cartoony pack full of lumbering, swarthy cavepersons and long-extinct beasties.

PureBDCraft Texture Pack - this is a comicbook-themed HD texture pack by Sphax that swaps the familiar blocky pixels for angular vectors, and fits in a few cheeky, geeky references to boot.

Skin Packs

We love Steve and Alex like siblings, but there are definitely more ways to express yourself in Minecraft. Skin packs let you shed the default player textures in favour of a diverse choice of peoples (and creatures). Whether you're searching for a look that ties your minigame team together, trying to express your own background, or simply fancy roleplaying as a fishman - the community has a skin to suit you!

Pastel Skin Pack - Top community pixel-artist Eneija offers a soothing spectrum of soft colour in a pack that aims to represent all types of people, while remaining light-hearted and expressive.

Everyday Heroes Skin Pack - Celebrate folk who make our daily lives better, by slipping into their skins! Razzleberry Fox’s pack is a thumbs up to ‘crafters everywhere, whatever their profession.

Team Up Skin Pack - Razzleberry Fox also offers this pack designed for competitive teamplay, with four minigame crews, each member of which represents mastery of a different tool.

Pirates and Fishfolk Skin Pack - Ideal for use with the Relics of the Privateers map, Imagiverse’s seafaring skins delivers a boatload of salty seadogs as well as other peculiar aquatic people!

There's much more to come, too - from post-apocalyptic wastelands to gravity-defying fairgrounds.

Look out for articles on some of these amazing creators in the coming weeks - but in the meantime, why not hop onto Marketplace and see what you discover?

Written by
Marsh Davies

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