Get your free cats and pandas map!

Available on Xbox One, Windows 10 Edition, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch!

The Minecraft Season of Giving has begun! Wait, what does that mean? Do I have to buy Jens a gift or something? Uh oh. He still hasn’t spoken to me since I got him that book called How to Git Gud at Minecraft: Extra Patronising Edition last year.

Actually, our season of giving means that you get loads of great Minecraft content for free, zilch, gratis, nada! Starting today, with you getting a FREE adventure map from Gamemode One, Catastrophic Pandamonium!

Usually when someone tells you a new Minecraft map is ‘catastrophic’, that’s a warning you probably shouldn’t play it, but I’m delighted to tell you that’s not the case here! This cats and pandas showcase is both a great adventure map and the perfect introduction to our latest mob and the new feline designs. Why can’t all catastrophes be this fun?

Scaffolding is one of the easiest new blocks to climb in Minecraft. Have you tried building with it yet?

The most adorable Minecraft map ever? Well in one part, you walk in to find a couple of cats bouncing on the beds, so this map just might be the most adorable anything ever.

Sure, those shades are pretty sharp, but it’s that white sock/beige shorts combo that makes the Zookeeper villager the fashion icon to beat in 2019. Best of luck.

Rascal the Panda! That is a categorically perfect name for a panda. I wanted to call him ‘Bob’, but luckily my beloved colleagues stopped me.

What happens when you press this button? You’ll have to play the map to find out! Or bribe me somehow, I guess? (probably easier to just play the map though)

You’ll find this map on all Minecraft platforms that have the Minecraft Marketplace. So that’s Minecraft on Xbox One, Windows 10 Edition, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

Speaking of Marketplace, from December 20th to January 3rd you’ll also find lots of Holiday Bundles with great discounts on the greatest Marketplace content – the perfect chance to get your favourite Minecraft content for less! Plus, we might have some more free content going out on December 25th hint hint nudge nudge winks at you repeatedly until my eye starts to hurt.

Oh, I’m no good at keeping secrets! So head to the Minecraft Marketplace on December 25th for your free Winter Gifts Bundle! We gave away a ton of free maps, skins and worlds last year, and this year we’ve packed them all into this bundle to give you another chance to get them all for free! That bundle will be available to download from December 25th to January 3rd – set yourself a reminder so you don’t miss out. Or follow us on Twitter for a reminder on the day.

OK, that’s all your gifts sorted, now it’s time for me to get myself one. I’m off to find a Christmas sweater so repulsive, Mojang will beg me to quit as a seasonal gift to them. Enjoy the map/bundle!


Promoted content requires a version of Minecraft with Minecraft Marketplace; platform exclusions apply. Timed exclusives. Promotion ends January 4 at 10AM PST.

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Tom Stone