A MINECON for everyone

Minecon Earth

We're going global

Watch and participate in the MINECON awesomeness

We’ve always wanted to make it easier for more of our community to participate in MINECON. This year we’re focussing on interactive coverage of a condensed, extra special, show that you can watch LIVE via the internet. We’re calling it MINECON Earth.

What? Where? When?

A one of a kind live show! The internet! This November!

is the date to remember! Book it off work! Or school (if you go to sad weekend school). The show begins at and will last about 90 minutes. Watch it from your own home, or attend one of our special screenings. More info to come.

Steve, Alex and a wolf looking into the distance

Minecon Earth begins in

Bring the party home

Host an event and invite your favorite people

Looking for a more intimate venue to celebrate MINECON Earth? How about your own couch? Or maybe your school classroom? Bake a creeper cake and bring your best buds over to share! Cook a vat of mushroom soup! Brew up some spider eyes for teacher! Yum! Here are some links to pics and vids we compiled to inspire your crafty party planning:

Alex running with a pickaxe

Dress to impress

Prepare the sewing machine, sticky tape and glue

Seeing your fantastic costumes is a real highlight of our year, and it’ll be a big part of MINECON Earth too! In fact, you can enter RIGHT NOW! Use this form to submit a video of your craftin’ costume by October 22nd and we’ll pick three winners, fly them out and plonk them centre-stage at the MINECON Earth broadcast itself!


Show me the loot

Exclusive swag delivered direct to your door

You can now pre-order exclusive MINECON merch from J!NX and Target - including limited edition tees, caps and turquoise sheep! - and get it all delivered to your door in time for the big day itself. Just order online then wait for the postman/woman to do his/her bit!

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Minecon Earth

Find the fun near you

The latest Official Viewing Party locations

We don't want to spoil anything about MINECON Earth - but we can tell you it'll be super fun and something you'll want to share with friends. So why not find your local Official Viewing Party and enjoy the show with like-minded Minecrafters? Check back for the latest updates!

Official Viewing Parties


Get together

Meet and greet your favourite crafters IRL

For the first time, we’re giving our most passionate (and organised) crafters a chance to host Official Minecraft Community Events. These will take place at a different time to MINECON Earth, but we thought we’d mention them anyway. Expect tournaments, Minecraft celebrities, and lots, lots more! Read more about Community Events here!