Join us at the biggest Minecraft event yet!

MINECON 2016 is taking place on September 24-25 at Anaheim Convention Center in sunny Southern California, US. Scroll down to find out more about the schedule, the activities and how to get around!

If you didn’t get a ticket, don’t worry! Join us in spirit by watching the weekend-long livestream right here! Get your crafter buddies over and have a private MINECON party! Make creeper cakes! Dress up as your favourite mobs! Play Minecraft together during the boring bits (there won’t be any boring bits).

Livestream and schedule

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What else do you need to know?

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What is MINECON?

MINECON is a weekend dedicated to all things Minecraft. Watch panels discussing your favourite game (Minecraft, we hope), hang out with thousands of like-minded crafters, shake hands with the Mojang team and rub shoulders with YouTubers! There's something for every type of crafter.

Find yourself!

MINECON is taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center - just under an hour southeast of LAX by car. It’s right by Disneyland! Check it out on Google Maps, or, if you need more detailed info, check out this handy map showing you the floor plan of the center and the location of all the booths!

Get involved

Each year, YOU make up the most important part of MINECON. Don’t forget to dress up for our costume competition, or go head-to-head with other crafters in our four-stage tournament, featuring community-favourite minigames: Sky Wars, Walls, Build Battle and Parkour.

Get the app

Keep track of the schedule and your own location using the power of electronic technology! Just search for “Guidebook” on your device’s store and then browse the app for “MINECON 2016”. It’s the best way to stay up-to-date with any schedule changes and has a complete map of the venue.