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Also, ouch.

We've been on Instagram since late last year, creating exclusive Minecraft art and animations you won't find anywhere else. Want to take a deep dive into the history of our swimming animations? Learn more about how each block works? See a cute Minecraft pig waddling through your feed? Of course you do! Even I want to follow Minecraft on Instagram! But I can't remember my password :(

The origins of The Drowned get explained in this creepy animation. I'm too scared to watch it myself, but I'm sure you're braver than me, so click here to watch it on Instagram!

Learn more about your favourite mobs with these handy mob cards! We've made a fun little animation for each mob too – click here to see one!

We sent our best film crew underwater, and they came back with this ace film showing the history of our swimming animations!

If you want to learn more about items, we've got animated crafting recipes and clips of said items in action. So if you've been playing Minecraft for years and never figured out how to make a pickaxe (er, really?) then click here!

We've made animations for the blocks too! Watch this one by clicking here. They're full of behind-the-block facts. Fun and educational? Just how do we do it?

Still reading this? When you could be clicking this line of green text and heading to our Instagram? Suit yourself, but there's no point sticking around here. My writing isn't suddenly gonna start getting better. Seriously, I'm not even planning to finish this article properl

Tom Stone