Host your own party

We'll provide everything you need!

Want to host your own MINECON Earth event? We can help! All you have to do is email so we can check out what you’ve got planned.

If approved, we’ll get back to you with a short agreement to sign and list your MINECON Party at We’ll then provide you with the MINECON Earth Party logo under license - you can use it to promote your event! You can also brag and be unbearably smug (optional) about being approved to host an MINECON Party! Good luck!

To apply we need to know:

  1. The name of the person or business hosting the MINECON Party.
  2. The planned venue's full street address including the town and country!
  3. The planned capacity or total number of attendees.
  4. If there's an entrance fee or paid ticketing. If yes - you can't exceed $25 per attendee
  5. If you plan to have sponsors or exhibitors. If yes – please provide a list of planned and confirmed sponsors and exhibitors.
  6. If the venue is compliant with the country’s health and safety requirements.
  7. If the venue will have a high speed internet connection. If yes - please provide bandwidth specifics.
  8. If the venue has a large screen or projector that guarantees ALL of the attendees can view the MINECON Earth broadcast.
  9. If you'll have other activities before, during and after broadcast. If yes - please specify.
  10. Any other information you want to share with us!


DISCLAIMER: The MINECON Earth Party is under a one-time only license from Mojang, and is not organized, managed or hosted by Mojang. Organizer of the event is operating this event on its own accord with no supervision or support by Mojang.

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