Our top ten stocking stuffers!

Make a minecrafter’s yule super cool with these gift ideas

Tis the season of giving - or more accurately in my case, the season of panicking about what to give. Luckily, we’ve made it easy as possible for you to treat the special minecrafters in your life with this brief guide to our top gifts.

Of course, if you’re stuck for an idea of what to give someone who isn’t a minecrafter: why not get them Minecraft itself? You can grab a gift code through the Mojang accounts site or as a pre-paid card from an old-fashioned real-life store. Then you can share your hobby and let our merch store solve all your gift-giving issues for future festive seasons (and birthdays too, for that matter)!

We’ve included links below to the store run by our chums at J!NX, but be aware that there are lots of other ways to buy Minecraft goodies that may better suit your location - Amazon has a special Minecraft store, and lots of regional outlets, for example.

1. Radio Controlled Ghast

Got a gadget-lover in the family? Put their aeronautical skills to the test with this flying ghast toy. They’ll cry tears of joy (unless it lands in the neigbour’s pond). Get it from J!NX here.

2. Creeper Scarf

Celebrating Minecraft’s most volatile mob, this scarf will not only keep you toasty warm, but ensure you see the festivities out with a bang! Buy it from J!NX here.

3. The Complete Handbook Collection

The holidays are the perfect time to settle down by the fire with a good book. Why not get expert at Minecraft at the same time? This handsome collection brings together updated editions of the Essential Handbook, Redstone Handbook, Combat Handbook, and Construction Handbook.
Buy it from J!NX here.

4. Chicken Plush

A plump bird is a traditional part of many a festive feast - but this one’s better to cuddle than consume. Pluck it from J!NX here.

5. Crafting Table Snap Back Hat

One of the latest caps in our collection, this champions the ingenuity, potential and power inherent not only in the crafting table it depicts, but the bulging minecrafter brain that should lie beneath. Snap it up from J!NX here.

6. LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box

For the minecrafter who has it all, give a gift which taps into that one endless resource - their own imagination. This set of assorted Minecraft-y blocks can be assembled any which way they please, or inspire ambitious additions to their existing LEGO creations! Get it from J!NX here.

7. Transforming Gold Sword / Pickaxe

A classic combo fused into a single transforming item for extra portability. Also pretty bling. Buy it from J!NX here.

8. Exploding Creeper

You can’t end a seasonal feast without a cracker. Poke the button on this five-inch creeper figure and the green meanie pops right apart. You have to supply your own explosive sound effects, though. Buy it here from J!NX.

9. Hangers series 3 Blind pack

Want to add a little extra mystery to your present? Then this blind box will keep your gift-getter guessing, even once the wrapping paper's off. Each 3-inch figure is ideal to dangle from the branches of a tinsel-dressed tree, too! Get it from J!NX here.

10. Vintage Battle Steve hoodie

See out the end of the year with a hoodie illustrating The End itself - and the climactic battle therein! Artfully distressed for that vintage feel. Get it from J!NX here.

Gift giving made easy, right? Of course, if you fancy any of these trinkets yourself, you might find a subtle way to deliver this page’s address to friends and family. And you can find even more goodies on our merch store page!