Minecraft.net in Portuguese!

Brazilian readers can finally read this site!

Olá leitores! Unless Google Translate has lied to me, that means 'hello readers!' in Portuguese - the perfect way to announce we're translating Minecraft.net into that wonderful language!

But how is this even possible? Have Marsh and I suddenly discovered we're gifted Portuguese speakers? That'd be cool!

But sadly, no. We can barely type in coherent English. That's why we've got Corey Clemans joining the Minecraft.net team. This brilliant bilingual translator will be converting our English nonsense into perfect Portuguese, and hopefully helping me in my seemingly endless quest to ban puns from Minecraft.net. Welcome, Corey!

Hello! My name is Corey Clemans and I am the Community Coordinator for Latin America, which is a fancy way of saying that I manage the Minecraft communities that use Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish. As such, I will be working very closely with the content team in order to localize Minecraft content for these audiences and others. I have been a gamer for quite some time – anyone remember the ColecoVision? I love strategy games, word games, MMOs, and RPGs. I have also been in a gaming group that meets every Friday night to play all sorts of games. Corey Clemans

Corey's never invited me to that gaming group, but that's neither here nor there. Look forward to a newly translated Minecraft.net very soon!

That's all from me. Tchau!

Written by
Tom Stone

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