MINECON Earth events in Seattle and London!

Tickets for our MINECON Earth parties are available now!

November 18th! November 18th! NOVEMBER 18TH! Sorry to yell, but it's an important date for any Minecraft player's diary – after all, November 18th is when we'll be streaming MINECON Earth LIVE all over the world! November 18th! November 18th! Novemb... OK, we'll stop now.

Still, you can't blame us for getting excited. We want to make MINECON accessible to everyone this year, creating a live show that will be streamed on this website and to parties all over the globe. Some of these parties we'll be hosting ourselves, at the Copper Box Arena in London, the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle and the Living Computers Museum in Seattle.

This handy page on Minecraft.net shows you all the MINECON Earth parties - so you can easily scroll through and find the one nearest you! We're constantly updating the page, so if there's not one in your city yet, it's well worth checking back later. Click here to head to the party list page!


On November 18th, we'll be giving players the chance to compete in an exclusive London Tournament and celebrate the global MINECON Earth broadcast! Show off your Minecraft skills to the community and then watch the MINECON Earth broadcast at one of the coolest parties in the world! So cool, in fact, that I'm not allowed to come. Bah, fair enough.

The Copper Box Arena in London! Should we try to get them to rename it the Copper Block Arena?

The main tournament will be Skywars and is being run by Hypixel. We'll also have InPVP, CubeCraft, Lifeboat and Mineplex on site for other server gameplay. Plus, if you're victorious, you'll get to take home the dazzling wonder that is this Minecraft Tournament trophy:

It's... so... beautiful... Our eyes aren't worthy! Are yours? Prove it by winning the tournament!

If you're more interested in only attending the London Party to watch the show with other crafters, not a problem! Prices are tiered depending on whether you want to compete in the tournament, support a competitor or just watch the MINECON Earth show. Click here to find out more and purchase tickets.


How would you like to watch the MINECON Earth broadcast and meet some of the developers behind the game? We'll be hosting a whole day of MINECON Earth celebrations at the Seattle museum of pop culture (or MoPOP, as acronym fans like us enjoy calling it).

We'll be streaming the MINECON Earth show there LIVE (of course!) and there'll also be a build battle, consoles set up so you can play Minecraft on loads of different devices, a trivia contest and the chance to meet, ask questions and get autographs from the developers who work on Minecraft! So if you've ever wanted to ask a Minecraft developer what their favourite chocolate bar is (or a less boring question) here's your chance!

Such a curvy museum! Relax - they've assured us it's blocky enough inside for a MINECON party.

There'll be tons more Minecraft stuff to do at the museum on the day. Click here to find out more about the MoPOP MINECON Earth party and how to purchase your tickets.


Because just one Seattle event wasn't enough for us! We'll be broadcasting the MINECON Earth livestream at Living Computers: Museum + Labs. There'll also be a live Minecraft Dev Team Q+A Panel in the Labs and a Minecraft Modding Workshop where you can create your own Minecraft mod. Try not to break the game too much, OK?

There'll also be Xbox One consoles throughout the museum running the game, for whenever you need to get a quick Minecraft fix (never played Minecraft? You should! It's not bad).

Inside the Living Computers Museum! They have a Minecraft server that you can join on their site.

There'll also be special edition T-shirts available to buy at the museum and lots of other surprises I'm not going to spoil here because I'm NICE. Click here for more info about this event and to purchase tickets.

Why not use this link to find the nearest MINECON Earth party in your area? And for more info about MINECON Earth, head to the official MINECON Earth page! We'll see you for MINECON Earth live on... er... drat, what was that date again? Oh yeah! November 18th! November 18th! NOVEMBER 18TH!

Written by
Tom Stone

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